Password Cells Protection

I use Excel’s worksheet password protection to lock cells with formulas so that users do not accidentally delete formulas, I specified a password to let XLS Padlock unprotect and re-protect cells, but the compiled file has an error on the protected cells.
Any advice?
I am using ( Version 2021.1 )

Do you have the exact error message given?

I found the error !

Any clue for the way you fixed your error?

False alarm, the error is still there, the cells protected with my password after compiled shows #REF! error.

Please also double-check that your formulas meet the requirements:

When I don’t set a password, the protection formula works just perfect, the error appear when I set a password, I followed the setps as I specified the password to let XLS Padlock unprotect and re-protect cells. Seems there is not formula issue, maybe is a password unprotect and re-protect problem.

Do you think you could share your workbook with us to let us reproduce the problem? Not necessarily the entire workbook, an extract would be enough.

Sure, where can I send it ?

You can zip it (with optional password) and upload it to
This is a free and ad-free hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send me this URL so I can download the Zip archive.

Please, let me know if you can download it.