Pb with login page on activation script


i have a prob with the login.php page cause i have write my identidfication and password on config.php but when i write this ones on login.php, all time, the sytem return on login.php?action…

i don’t know why…because i have juste change login and pwd on activation sript.

Have you got a solution ?


thaks at all

Any error message? Please enable error log in PHP to check whether you have not a syntax error.

i haven’t one…
how have php log error ?

i have just a continuous redirection vers login.php?action=log_in but never to index.php

is it possible to send you by email my codes of config.php and login.php ?

If you get a redirection to the login page, then it means you are not logged in. Did you check whether your browser accepts cookies?
Note that we don’t provide free support for the HTMLEXE activation kit.