PC just died (SOLVED)

As in the title…

I suspect that the C drive is kaput and I’m taking it to the doctors tomorrow (if the doc is open). I’ve had problems before with the number of keys that I can have, as a similar thing happened with one of my laptops and I’m trying to forsee a possible issue here. I clearly cannot unregister the software as the PC isn’t currently working.

Maybe I’m being pessimistic but I have suspected a hard disk problem for some time.

This is for GDG

I seriously am not ‘trying it on’ but it may be that I need another unlock key.

Please be kind…

Graeme Hall

Just write an email and we’ll issue your unlock key again (contact email addresses at http://www.htmlexe.com/contact.php)

Cheers for the understanding …

… as it happens it was a false alarm, the power supply failed. All it needed was a new PS and a clean up.

Thanks anyway.