PDF Printing Security Profile


is there any way via scripting to allow users to print a pdf file just one time, and the disable printing?
Thank you

It’s possible though HEScript and security profiles: you create a Boolean function that reads a global variable and checks the number of prints. We’ll try to make a sample.

Could you please post in the meantime the name of the global variable to check for the number of prints? I cannot find it in the documentation.

Thank you.

There is no such a global variable. You have to create and manage it yourself thanks to the events available in UserMain:

procedure OnPrintPage;
 S: String;
 i: integer;
 // When a user wants to print the current page.  
 // Store the number of print.
 i := strtointdef(GetGlobalVar("myprintcount", "0"),0);
 i := i +1;
 SetGlobalVar("myprintcount", inttostr(i), True);
 if i > 1 Then
  SetGlobalVar("printallowed", "0", True);       


Then you have a global variable printallowed that you can use to create a security profile that would allow print (or not).