PDF securities

Dear sir,

Is it possible?
to print specific (x) no. pages per specific (x) no days. (like ebooks.com, vitalsource bookshelf allows)

Because when your user open pdf and print to file printer such as adobe pdf and dopdf etc. etc. then entire pdf goes in to the hands of user.

Is it possible?
While printing that pdf entire content of the pdf should convert to image which cannot be ocr further.

That way your pdf will remain safe. and the contents of the pdf canot be copied further.

Some of my friends cracked adobe digital editions pdf and able to copy the matter texts images.

What is the use of DRM if it is being cracked.

My point is content inside the pdf

Thank You

Kindly suggest the solution


If you are really concerned about your data, turn off all printing capabilities. Let the user view the data only.

  1. If your user prints to a file, ie, Adobe Acrobat Writer and others that have built in OCR capabilities, they will be able to capture and convert your printed images to editable text very easily.

  2. I am assuming you want to print x number of pages per day. What is going to stop the user from changing the system clock to keep printing past your daily requirements? One way to catch this, save the date of the last print and compare it to the current date. If the last print date is greater than the current date, the user has set his system clock up to print and then back to the current date. It’s up to you on what the next step is, exit the program or display a warning message.

The PDF’s DRM has no basis here, since you are specifically allowing the user, access to your data or PDF through printing.

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