PDF Viewer in new window

Is it possible to open the pdf viewer in a new window/popup?

More specifically, my problem is that when you have disabled the menu and navigation bar, which I have to since my application has its own navigation, there is no way to get back to the application from the pdf viewer. There is no back button, and the close button closes the entire app.

The best solution for me would be to open the pdf viewer in a popup so the user can close this and go back to the main app.

Do you have any screenshot because the internal PDF viewer should have a Close button inside its own navigation bar.

There is no close button that I can find.
Screenshot 2022-06-29 083807

I found out that the close button is shown only if there is another page displayed before that we can navigate back to.
The internal viewer does not work in popups anyway. You’ll have to rely on the built-in Chromium PDF viewer (it’s possible to prevent the download of PDF files in that case).

There is technically a page to navigate back to, but I suspect that since the pdf is set to open in a new tab, the internal pdf viewer does not recognize this and does not display a close button. Perhaps that’s something you could address in a future version? That even if it is set to open in a new tab, you display the close button and closing the viewer returns to the page it was opened from.