PDF Viewer in version 2021 - SOLVED

Hello dear developers!
I ask for your advice on the use of PDF Viewer in version 2021.
For comparison, I installed two copies of the HTML Executable program on two computers.
On the first - I updated version 4.95 to 2021.
On the second (clean) I installed trial version.
The result is the same on two computers.

Important: I am actually using the built-in PDF Viewer

  1. Create a very simple Security Profile

  2. Checking the attachment of this profile to a PDF file

  3. I generate and run the application.
    Result: ALL 32 pages are available for viewing.

My Security profile works except for the last point.

Please let me know if this is a bug or if I am using the function incorrectly.
I would be grateful if users report the test results on their computers!

We’ll check this. Thanks for the bug report!

Fixed in Beta 2.

Thanks a lot!

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