Personal.xlsb and Application window won't close and get in the way when opening

Hi All,

When I open or close the workbook’s EXE file, it opens a blank window that says “Excel” in the window caption and another that has “Personal.xlsb” in it’s window’s caption. These cannot be hidden or closed manually. In fact, they get in the way of my actual excel sheet and I think the users are going to have a tough time realizing how to select the actual wb.

When I close the application, these 2 windows remain. I have to kill Excel using Task manager to make them go away.

Surely this isn’t by design with XLS Padlock. Does anyone know how to help me get rid of them?



I created a solution that resolves this. If you’re having this problem, please put this macro in your Workbook_Open() procedure:

Sub closeExtraWindows()
Dim awin As Window
For Each awin In Application.Windows
    If UCase(awin.Caption) = "PERSONAL.XLSB" Or Left(UCase(awin.Caption), 7) = "EXCEL -" Then
        If awin.Visible Then
            awin.Visible = False
        End If
    End If
    'Debug.Print awin.Visible
    'Debug.Print awin.Caption
Next awin

End Sub

I hope this helps some people and I hope it helps gdgsoft to help more people, because I’m very impressed with them and I want them to succeed!


Thank you for your nice feedback :smiley: and useful workaround.
In the incoming version 2.4 of XLS Padlock, we found a way to disable loading of Personal.xlsb so the problem won’t occur anymore.

Good work!


I am testing the trial version, and have the same problem. Because of the customized ribbon made by a macro I check this under advanced options -> “do not disable access to XLStart user folder”. I get my ribbon, but there are several windows in the way, and I have to terminate the application with Task Manager.

Where do you store your customized ribbon XML?

My macro adds the ribbon into the file \Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\Excel.officeUI as explained in the link here:

This should be offered as a new feature in the next XLS Padlock version. Authors will be able to specify a custom Excel.officeUI file that will be used for the secure workbook.

This problem is solved. I had version 3 installed. With version 2017.0.1 everything was good:grinning:.

Thanks for the follow-up! Glad that the most recent release fixed your problem, although we’ll still try to offer the option to have a customized Excel.officeUI :wink:

Today, after deleting and reinstalling XLS Padlock, I have the problem again. Maybe it is my VBA code, but I have not idea what causes this problem.

Problem solved.
If Advanced options -> “do not disable access to XLStart user folder" is checked the problem occurs.

Thanks for the follow-up! Great that it is working fine for you now.

I still get the problem. Started a new test project.
With “do not disable access to XLStart user folder" ON - I get ribbon made by VBA, and 2 other windows opens, and I have to terminate the application with the Task Manager.

With “do not disable access to XLStart user folder" OFF - I do not get the ribbon by VBA before I change focus to some other application window in Windows, and then return focus to excel. Then everything is ok. But how to explain that to a customer?

Any method to make the ribbon load at once? Without clicking another window and returning to excel?

This is only way I could find to refocus the excel window. This works, but Excel file withou XlsPadlock do not need this.

Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub

Sub UserForm_Activate()
End Sub

Does this method fix your problem?

yes, but maybe not the optimal solution.

Sure, but it’s an acceptable workaround until we allow custom ribbon through Excel.officeUI

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