PHP-cgi stop working

Hello, @gdgsupport Some clients of mine have complained that this message is received:
PHP-cgi stop working … and this happens randomly, so far in (Windows 7) when the program is started.

I’m using 2018.1

Are they using the latest Windows 7 updates?

Yes, they use updated windows 7 there is no way to have much information
As soon as I have time I will install windows 7 on a virtual machine to try to make a simulation.

If you actually see it happening, try to increase the memory limit in php.ini

Have not had this happen with exeout but seen it first hand on Win7 and another builder. At first I disabled opcache and it solved. But later on found increasing memory did the trick. Again, this was not with exeout but might be a place to start for you:)

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Thank you, I’m going to do some testing. ^^