Hi there,

if i enable php5_com_dotnet in PHP Extensions, ( Used: Compile into … )
And i start my exe he tells me:
No php5.dll found.

What can i do?


Is it the exact error message? “php5.dll”?
ExeOutput uses the thread-safe version of PHP, so PHP extensions must also comply with this requirement. Be sure to use the Thread Safe compiled version of your PHP extension. php5_com_dotnet is not in the distribution of ExeOutput, so it looks like you added the wrong version.

yep i think i added the wrong version.

But can you please help me to find the right version?


ps: in Version 2.0 of exeoutput php we can make CMD apps? If so, PERFECT!

We’ll check how COM support works for the new incoming update of ExeOutput.

In current version of ExeOutput (PHP 5.3.x), see

You have to add extension=php_com_dotnet.dll line into your php.ini to have COM, DOTNET, VARIANT and similar classes available and working.

From PHP Change log:
Fixed bug #62146 com_dotnet cannot be built shared

Because of this, the official PHP builds for Windows are now built with “–enable-com-dotnet=shared” option, which means no COM/DOTNET support by default.

ok, i will try it.

thank you :slight_smile: