PHP Debug Message

WIth 2019.1 getting this:


There is no error message shown and there is no error best I can tell.

Check your PHP error log. The error may be logged there and not returned by PHP.

No errors. Seems to popup at radom times. Must be my computer or something.

I have a user getting the same error, but I cannot replicate on my end.

Is there a way to get more info from the user’s computer to try to solve this? I know on my localhost I can see the php errors via php_errors.log. But looking through this forum I cannot find the best approach to solve the problem for a user (aside from sharing a screen and seeing what is happening, but that will only show the same popup). Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Never found a solution for V 2019. Still happens in latest version from time to time.

No logs generated when error happens.

My user is seeing it under version 2021.0.

I have a setup that places my program in a user’s Program Files (x86) folder. No error log in the folder to see possible errors. Could it be somewhere else, if at all? This a question to anyone. Thanks

The Program Files (x86) is read-only so the error log cannot be generated. Copy the EXE to a writeable location.

All of my EXE’s are in writeable locations, so that is not the issue in my case. I never have used program folders, always users / docs.

The reply was for the previous post, sorry.