Php error: access violation

The application occasionally gives the following error on different computers.

“PHP Error: Access violation at address XXXX in module ‘book.exe’. Read of address YYYYY”

  • On some computers the error comes up every time the application is run.
  • On some computers, the application opens normally. But in use it gives this error.

what is the cause of the error? How can I fix?

p.s.: There is no hardware or software standard in the computers used for testing the applet.

I have same issue from time to time. Users report the error from time to time also.

Some times the error can simply be dismissed with OK and all is good, other times causes crash.

Never took time to report since hoping for issue to be resolved in next release.

These errors should be fixed in ExeOutput 2.2;

Will be sure to keep eye out for the error in 2.2. Actually had it happen twice today in 2.1 app.


I have same issue with the app compiled by ExeOutput 2019.

Access violation error sometimes happens when I am going to change the window size of app.

I would appreciate very much if you can tell me any ways how to fix it.
Thank you,

Do you think you can send us your EXOP project file, so that we can review your window settings?

Yes, that’s great. I am ready to send you EXOP file.
Could you tell me the way how to send it to you?

By email at