PHP Error Messaging Popup


It would be useful to change the popup to be user sizable and/or follow the main window across monitors.

Currently, it spins itself down the height of my main monitor, which I use for art and many times is too large to get the Yes/No buttons on the smaller monitor I use for editing when I drag it over there to read it.


Could you post a screenshot so that we can see what is wrong?
The CEF runtime manages popup windows itself but it could be possible to change some window properties, we’ll check.


The faulty code which generated the spew of messages has long-since been corrected and I’d have to fabricate an error spew.

What’s wrong: Just imagine a column of text that fills the height of a larger monitor moved to a smaller monitor and now you can’t see the bottom half (because you move it with the top). Can’t close (x box upper right doesn’t work), can’t resize, can’t get to the close button on bottom, can’t read any of the messages at bottom of column.

Just make the pop-up resizable and the issue goes away.


And, you’re in luck. I created an accidental spew today which you can download a screen shot of at /

As you can see, this one was even long enough to push the Close button off the bottom of the larger monitor screen forcing a task manager shutdown.

Grab that window by the blue bar, drag it over to a shorter monitor and you can’t even see the bottom messages.

Yes, in this case it’s a repetitive error message due to processing an array but my original buggy code was not and the messages were varied.

Ideally, the pop-up should be resizable and the x (close) button should work.


Could you repost your screenshot? We did not see it in your message


It wasn’t in the message. I gave a server location where I stashed it for you.

In case there’s any confusion: that screen shot has the bulk of the desktop cropped off because it’s just desktop. The application runs on my second monitor (nicely and without problems) but the php error popup insists on showing on the large monitor. It should follow the owning app.

If you make the window resizable, all else is moot.


You can get the full contents of the error message by clicking on the dialog, and pressing CTRL+C

You should modify the PHP.Ini to disable warnings and hints from PHP. Another possibility is to disable the display of PHP errors and warnings in ExeOutput (PHP / Debugging page).


Hints? Perhaps. Warnings I want. Errors? Um, no. I am after all debugging an app.

The biggest issue is not being able to close the window except by the button at the bottom (X doesn’t work).


Just tried the Ctrl-C. All you get is a bell. You cannot copy the text.


Strange. Copying works normally.
Anyway, we’ll check why the close button is disabled (it shouldn’t…)


The window is a Y/N modal. No keys work except Y and N (and the Yes and No buttons). This includes Ctrl-anything, Alt-anything, Shift-anything and all combos. I just created an error and tried. Standard operation for a modal window.


Looks like we’ll have to modify the nature of that modal window. This will be done in the next update.


In your php.ini look under the ERROR CODES … you can easily get rid of warnings with ~ E_WARNINGS … which you would want to do when the application is live. Actually, once live, you should have cleared up all errors and remove all the error codes.


Forty years of IT development here, so I’m up to snuff on industry standards. As mentioned upstream, I’m moving existing apps to this platform. Hard to debug with no warning or error messages and the context is not that I don’t want the messages but that the window will not allow free access to all messages generated by the platform.