PHP errors in log file

I’m using last version of ExeOutPut for PHP.

How can I know which are the errors that appears in the log file? My app does work perfectly in localhost and web, but stops in exe file.

The log file generated says only PHP Error: Found, but this isn’t enough to solve.


Please give the full version info. Do you use version 2019.1?

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Yes I do. The latest. Is there a way for exeOutPut ignores all the php Notices and Warnings? I am sure no one is a fatal error, because in localhost runs perfect.


I just add a line of code at the end of app.php file.



Thanks for watching.

The PHP ERROR FOUND in the log is a bug that is fixed in version 2020. If you want, you can send me a PM and you’ll get access to the release that should be published in some days.