PHP Exeoutput aborting

When I attempt to execute Exeoutput for PHP - I get an error:

Error reading SVGOrigList.Items: GDI+ Font Style Not Found

ExeOutput won’t allow me to send the error message to GDG Software. (But Hey! At least I finally got it back up and running again! - Kind of!)

Under the Call Stacks tab it says:

main thread ($73d8), inner exception level 1:
EGDIPException, GDI+ Font Style Not Found

00A3D004 +28 Exo4Php.exe RSGdiPlusGraphicsTypes 3246 +2 GDIPCheck
7486343B +10 kernel32.dll

Help? :slight_smile:

PS: Latest version. Downloaded today at around 2:00pm (3/5/2020)

Here are some snapshots


Can you check whether the Sans Serif font of Microsoft is installed on your computer?

Ok. Looked again. Forgot to look for “Microsoft Sans Serif”. That is there. Next question. Are there other fonts that need to be loaded?

No, it’s one of the SVG we use internally that requires it. We’ll remove this dependency in next update. It doesn’t affect apps, only ExeOutput itself.

So is there a file I can download? Or are you going to send me an
update? Or???


Hello? Anyone there? Can I have the SVG file please? Thank you!

The faster workaround would be downloading the missing font file and installing it on your Windows (in the Fonts folder):

No. That did not work. Other ideas?


PS: Maybe I just need to re-download it and re-install it.

Ok. I know you guys must be busy because no one is helping me. I get one response - then nothing - then I get an email which says “Hey! If you aren’t going to post anything I’m going to close this posting!” With a great big happy face.

The truth is - ExeOutput still will not even come up and run. I am going to try to uninstall it and then reinstall it to see if maybe that will fix it.

Ok. I completely uninstalled via Revo’s Uninstaller, took out everything from the registry, reinstalled and - died. Ok. Ball is in your court.

By going back in time via the downloads - I have arrived at version2.0.0 from 2017. This installs and runs without a problem. Now to install a later version and see what happens.

Ok. I upgraded from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0 and - program will not launch. Gives the same error at that point. Removed the entire program again, now cleaning the registry.

Even Remo has left behind various ExeOutput entries in the registry. Getting rid of them all by hand.

Also got rid of all G.D.G Software entries in the registry.

The answer is - I can not go past the version 2.0.0 released in 2017. Ran Speccy. I will have to email it to you.

As soon as we’ve got a temporary build, we’ll provide it to you.

We’ve got a temporary build. Are you interested in testing it?

Yes. Send it to me - or give me a link and I’ll try it. :slight_smile: