PHP_EXO.DLL and many others, not found?

So far, every program I have created to run has had some sort of DLL error or exception to it.

I am enabling curl and opensll, even though the script I am running is only a hello world script.

I am enabling them because they’re my main focus with this app.

so anyway, I have had dll missing after dll missing. I moved them all to the exe directory for now.

Is there a way to stop all of these dll errors?

I have tried compiling with no php settings used… and still get the errors

for the php exo .dll file, it says exchange file not found. Could you think of where it would be looking for this file? I will manually place it there if needed.

Did you configure your PHP extensions to be compiled into the EXE?
And which Windows version are you using? And ExeOutput for PHP version?