PHP extensions and php.ini for V2 Beta 3


Was trying to get new software working and needed some PHP extensions enabled. I chose to compile them into exe. My software is failing so just checked out the php.ini.

The extensions I compiled are not showing active in php.ini. For instance the openssl extension (even though compiled into exe) still shows:

;extension=php_openssl.dll (note the ; )

My understanding is in V1 we were not to manually edit the php.ini. Is this not the case with V2 and we need to manually edit?


No, the extensions are still managed by ExeOutput in V2. Be careful about that extensions: some dependencies are required, the same as CURL extension. So the best is to also enable CURL and its dependencies in your project.

Ok, thanks. I have enabled all extensions required for project. Will test again online to see if missing one.