PHP Settings-Extensions

Has anyone compiled a listing of the attributes usage for the extensions listed in the PHP Extensions / PHP Settings .?
Just to help stop re-inventing the wheel.
Maybe a list could happen here unless it is already somewhere else ?

What do you mean by attributes usage for the extensions?

Hi gdgsupport,
In the context of where I posted this post, the topic was “gdgsupport building an equivalent to apache CRON” or similar posting. I have a web site application that uses apache CRON for timing events, and I need to construct a mechanism similar to "apache CRON’ to work with ExeOutputForPhp. In the settings of ExeOutput’s GUI there is a settings page titled “PHP Extensions” under the “PHP Settings Tab”, the listing sets out numerous modules for inclusion in “ExeOutput make file” . My query is; is there a listing of the different extension’s description of the property handlers that the module processes. For instance: the module “php_mysqli.dll” properties enable the usage of a portable database to be used in the “exeOutput” make file and the module “php_curl.dll” facilitates the “php_mysqli.dll” function’s interpretation . I have sort of worked out a simple way of doing a CRON application by using a simple “HTML” file and a javascript timing event linked to a file opening script I placed in the global script “UserMain” . I have set it up so that the “HTML file” is opened by the windows menu item “Start Up”; which is triggered on every windows OS initiated start up procedure. The system has been working for nearly a week now with no problems. How are you going with working out a proper CRON application that works with “ExeOutput” ?

We hope to have a working CRON system, however, we must design it properly to avoid multithreading problems.