PHP to work with undefined variables and indexes (SOLVED)


I just installed ExeOutput for PHP today. I think it’s what I need and it looks like you have made a very good job with it.

I’m testing it for my web-app right now and I get many “Undefined variable” and “Undefined index” errors. If “Display PHP error messages at runtime” is unchecked - all the errors appears in the beginning of the html.

Sure, I can define all the variables in my php code, but on the server everything works just fine. If something is undefined - it’s nothing, false, zero. I don’t want to define all the variables actually. I like it when they are self-defined. So… is there a way to remove all those error notifications without editing all my php files?

By the way… I don’t have a password in mind that contains mixed letters and numbers. I don’t think that the password for a regular phpBB forum MUST be so complex. Why not to be a matter of choice? Now, what I will surely do is to forget completely the one that I used to register :shock:

One of my favorite forum posts are those where the answer appears just after the poster sends the post… this is so amazing :!:

error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

I found this code somewhere. Never needed before. But now my php errors are gone… so I’m redirecting my mind to heal the jquery errors.