Popup Issue still present in 4.6.1

I reported a popup problem, that was introduced in version 4.2.0 and the problem is still exists in 4.6.1. Currently tested with Windows 7, IE9 and Windows XP, IE8. References to the previous problems are listed at the bottom. I have been using DHTML windows for popup’s but they have their limitations as well. Now, I need the to be able to move the popup’s between monitors. The internal popup’s can be moved to a secondary monitor where the DHTML popup’s cannot.

<script type="text/JavaScript">
function testPop01(){
window.external.ShowPopup("test1", "test_01.htm", 600, 400, -1, -1, "noresize");

<input type='button' onclick='testPop01();' value='Test Popup 01' />
  1. To duplicate the problem, include the above code in a test page. Use any page to be opened in the popup.
  2. After compiling, create a shortcut to run the EXE maximized.

Now run the EXE twice, once directly and also from the shortcut. Click on Test Popup 01 button to open the popup and then close the popup. Open it a second time.

The issue, is that the first popup opened from the maximized shortcut opens in full screen and then when minimized it goes to the lower right hand portion of the screen. After closing and opening the popup again, it opens up correctly. Is there any reason why the popup emulates the way the EXE was opened, when called from a maximized shortcut. Can this be fixed to behave like in 4.1.1?




It will be difficult to solve because popup behavior is not the same if you make a stand-alone publication or use runtime modules. Moreover, DHTML popups are less flexible than popups created directly from scripting.
I’ll put this on the check list to try to reproduce what you described.

I uploaded a file, POPupTest.zip, which includes the EXE, shortcut and the source files that were compiled into the EXE. Besides, GDG Support, I made this available for anyone that wants to see the issue that I have had and also see whether you experience the same issue when running the EXE or recompiling the source code. The link is at the bottom of this message.

The following is displayed on the screen at runtime along with the (3) buttons. [quote]Be sure to create a shortcut to this EXE and have it set to run maximized and you will see the issue or you can modify the path for the shortcut included.
There appears to be something that gets reset when the first popup or the alert function is ran.

Test 1 = Open from a maximized shortcut. Click on Test Popup 01 or 02. The one opened first will open up full screen. Close the first popup and then they will open as expected during this session.
Test 2 = Open from a maximized shortcut. This time, click on the Test Alert Popup first. The alert message will display normally along with either popup that is opened after the alert message.[/quote]

The link is http://demo.ovh.com/en/91185f9553ba423c4f073ade1a58f896/