Popup window problem (SOLVED)

Hi there.
-WindowsXP R2002 SP3.
-Trident engine

Open file new window
The popup window opens, but it toggle focus with the main window in a permanent loop until both windows loose focus (Then they look ok nutil I try to change the focus between them, then the loop start again).

I already tried “Do not manage popup z order automatically” without success.

I also found that It only happens with the main non-maximized window. If the main window is maximized the popup window works correctly.

How can I fix it?


Just realized Im using exeoutput 1.6.0 December release (1.6.1) claims to fix the flickering problem. downloading…

Ah, I’m not so sure it’s completely solved… well, not in version 1.7

OOPS… Sorry! - I really shouldn’t post whilst half asleep… I had an onblur=“self.focus();” attatched to the body of the contents of one the iframes - which was causing the flicker loop… All sorted now… duh.

Still not too sure about the possible issue below though…?

One other issue I’ve noticed is with compiled executables (Trident) it seems when a popup is out of focus the opacity of the entire popup automatically darkens to make its contents almost unreadable, it also stops responding to any mouseover events etc untl it is clicked on again to regain focus… is this intentional?

In a regular regular browser the only thing to slightly change when I click to change focus between windows is the colour of the title bar, the rest of the window is still visible and all windows still respond to mouseover events etc regardless of whether I have clicked to give them focus or not.

Any clues?

There may probably be a conflict with the skin engine. You can try to disable skin for windows to see if it works better (see the skin options).

Okay, so all working fine now, I just had to enable the “no skinnable window” tickbox amd the issue has gone. It’s certainly a shame not to be able to use the skin, but no major deal…

I’ve not tried any different skins yet, but would they all have the same issue?

  • could there be a way for me to hack the skin template to fix the problem?

Was also wondering, is there was any way to disable or remove the maximize/mininize buttons on popup windows?

I’ve found a way to disable the max/min button when I preview the app in a regular IE browser, but it doesn’t work once the app is compiled. ?