Portable Mode (.lic-file)

Good morning,

I have the following problem:

XLSPadlock 2019 don’t create the .lic file to the current folder of the EXE file.

  • List item I enabled the Portable option in the Activation Key page

  • List item I cleared activation data first

  • List item No hidden (Files and Folder) by Windows

Support, please help me! Thank you,


You must also enable this option:

Yes, it works! Thank you very much!

There are two more questions:

  1. What does the created .DAT file mean?

  2. My Excel file need 13 seconds to open but when I start my file as application it needs 58 seconds. Are there any settings that can speed up this start?

The .DAT file contains references to recent save files.

In XLS Padlock 2019.1, we’ll decrease the compression level for XLSX (Zip format). Maybe this will speed things up.