Portable version

Good day. When I launch the portable version of the application, three files are created: Cookies, Cookies-journal, AppName.userpref. However, the help says:

Portable applications create one data file in addition to their EXE file:
the state file (user preferences, global variables …) is named: [name of the EXE] .userpref

How to get rid of cookies and cookies-journal?

They are created by the Chromium engine. Try these options:

Good day. Did as in the screenshot, but files Cookies, Cookies-journal are still created in the program folder

A suggestion, close app and delete those Cookies and try starting again your new compiled app to see if those Cookies are not from previous compiled app.

No, they are recreated.

Yea, I also would like to know about this issue. Never got it to work in past and gave up.

I’ve joined today to ask the same question… I cannot stop the apps exporting the files the original poster is experiencing when a portable app is exported.

Please help!