Possibility of adding new HTML Component?

Is it possible to add an html area to the list of components?
It would give the opportunity to refresh only this fragment cyclically and display a list of notifications, for example about the number of e-mails, orders in the online store and many other applications.


An HTML component based on Chromium will be difficult. But maybe an HTML label that handles some basic HTML tags?

What do you mean “some basic HTML tags?”

It would be great if this html tags, allow to build some simple gui, best would be if we could select gui element, point it to application variable and render it recurency every defined time (100ms, 1s etc). This way PHP application, cronjob process, jscript, hescript could write to this variable any html tags. This html area needs to allow read images from application directory


Something more like this:

Awesome. Even this simple html gives us great opportunities, but if you can check if it works, for example, https://github.com/BerndGabriel/HtmlViewer

Will it be possible to click from the level of this simple html to open some url in the main window?


We want to keep things simple because complex HTML viewer will make the app even bigger.