Possible an html executable in a Web Hosting Server?

My PC is functioning under Wind XP Professional, (SP1, SP2, SP3). and Internet Explorer 8.
I have build a respectable private Web Site, using the HTML 4 language, This Web Site is hosted on a Windows IIS6 Server, giving me satisfactory service.I read some material about your HTML-Executable System and I found it technically attractive.

  1. Can I upload a beforehand compiled HTML-file, (for example) “HTML-Slide-Show.EXE”, to my Web-Hosting Server, to reside among all my other hosted Web Pages?
  2. Can my browsing Web-Site visitors use (execute) this “HTML-Slide-Show.EXE” program?
  3. Everyone on his/her own PC ?
  4. Everyone on the premisses of their Hosting Server?
  5. Might the actions described in (3) or (4) cause any WARNING messages from the Internet Explorer Browser. With Respects and Appreciations. HTML-LUBI1

HTML Executable is a program that compiles your HTML files into an executable program. This EXE is designed to be run on desktops and laptops, this is not a program that will replace IIS or other web servers, i.e. it won’t serve pages. Indeed, the EXE acts as a web browser that displays HTML files directly, without downloading them from a remote server.
You can then distribute this EXE file and others can run it without any special requirement.