Possible Compilation without Shareware and how mask


I am currently completing a software project in html that I wrap with your product.
To distribute and be in good standing, I will this week, buy the business version HTML Executable.
It is very good.

I just want to know two things:

1/Dans version of the application that I propose, I do not need shareware. how to create disabled at compile time, so that only the application remains with protection by encryption codes with the hard drive and processor?

2 / In the compiled application, at the window html reader, you can see the links at the bottom address. How to make them invisible?

thank you

Pascal DUMAS

Les Corps Energies Sarl

  1. It’s possible to create a restricted publication without trial. In that case, the application must be first registered before end users can access it. You can do this by configuring the “Default” certificate of your project.

[quote]From http://www.htmlexe.com/help/certificate-properties
You can forbid the entire access to your publication if the user is not registered (no evaluation is possible): just enable “Do not allow access to the publication without prior registration”. This option is only available for the Default certificate. It always displays a nag screen called the “Unlock screen” at startup; this dialog box (that you can customize according to your needs, see below) allows users to enter their key and unlock the publication.[/quote]

  1. Sure, go to Application Settings => Visual Controls => Status Bar
    Set AutoShowURLs to False**

AutoShowURLs: determines whether the publication should display the URL of a link which is under the mouse pointer. Set it to False if you want to keep your internal URLs secret.