Possible reason for images not being displayed?

Please disregard, for the time being, the message I sent a few days ago as I have not been able to substantiate the issue reports. I’m not sure if you even saw the message because I haven’t seen a reply and I can’t even find the message in the sytem now.

There is however another problem that is ongoing and I am wondering if you can perhaps identify a likely reason for this… My app is built using HTML5 (Trident rendering) all resources embedded in the EXEO EXE. Most users do not have this problem but for at least one user some images (small PNGs and JPGs) are not appearing. Some other images of the same kind, in the same virtual folder are displayed, others are not. Apart from this all HTML 5, CSS and javascript functionality appears to working properly. The user has Windows 7 - 64 bit, 4GB RAM and IE11. What might be preventing the images from being displayed?

There were bugs/issues in IE11 itself which may be causing this. Options are basically one of the following: (a) Upgrade from IE11 or at least apply all available patches using Windows Update; (b) See if you can work around the issue with IE11’s Compatibility View Settings by adding domains to the compatibility list; © Ensure the images that aren’t working have the correct path and don’t have any query string parameters appended otherwise IE11’s Tracking Protection may block these to protect your privacy; (d) Perhaps consider the Chromium engine instead of Trident, this way all your users will be using the same compiled-in engine you have tested with yourself. While admittedly its unfortunately not the latest version of Chrome and in itself has some bugs, at least when you’re testing you can implement all the workarounds required and only have to test for one version of one browser. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply Rich. Unfortunately none of those options provides a solution.
(a) was already done.
(b) compatibility view for JPGs / PNGs shouldn’t be necessary, and the script is fully validated HTML5 standard anyway.
© All paths are correct, even down to letter case, and there are no querystring parameters or non-ascii characters involved.
(d) The Chromium version currently available in ExeOP is of no value in this case as it doesn’t support the required features.

Try to enable debug request log in ExeOutput to see whether the Trident engine requests the images or not.

Hi cyberspaceman, you’re absolutely right that compatibilty view shouldn’t be necessary especially with validated code however unfortunately IE11 did not implement the W3C standards 100% and had a number of page rendering bugs which were resolved under compatibility view. If you’re still having issues it may still be worth a try - I have personally seen this make image loading problems go away before in IE11, though not specifically in respect to an ExeOutput project.