POST ajax runs only once - $_POST is empty


Exeoutput 1.7
Browser Engine : Webkit Chromium

I have experienced problems converting my system in php to run in EXEOutput 1.7.

The entire system uses the mechanism for post as follows:


cache: false,
timeout: tTimeout,
data: sData,
success: function( datareturn ) {
    var sMensagem = "OK - POST : " + sPostURL;
    ShowMessagePostOK( sMensagem );

This event can be executed by the click of a button or automatically by schedule,
even by the “window.setInterval (function() {”.

Anyway it is executed, the POST is sent only once, I’m monitoring this through log
text file. Although not show errors and the script typically continue running,
showing messages and everything, POST really does not occur.

I also noticed that the only time the POST occurs, the variable $_POST is empty (EMPTY).

I can not progress in the conversion due to this problem. I am not registered user and
can not test version 2.

The development staff could give some guidance or alternative? I could not buy the product
only to test version 2, not sure that these needs will be met in a more stable manner
than in version 1.7.

I would like a team orientation in order to be able to test version 2 and to continue the
conversion of my system, if this situation is actually a limitation of version 1.7.

Thank you.

If you want to test the Beta version, feel free to send us a Private Mail.