Potential new user - evaluating trial version - SOLVED

I am evaluating the trial version of XLS Padlock for use on our internal spreadsheets.

We are not a software company; we have spreadsheets we use across several facilities which we need to lock up to protect the integrity of the calculations. I have downloaded the trial version and compiled a couple of spreadsheets for evaluation with a couple of questions:

  1. our spreadsheets use many macros, including Auto Open. The files compiled with XLS padlock do not run the Auto Open macro - the other macros in the files seem fine. Is there something I have done wrong in the compiling, or is XLS padlock not set-up to run the Auto Open macros.
  2. I am using the trial version of XLS Padlock, so I am not authorized to distribute the compiled programs being evaluated - which is understandable; however, there are 4 other people in our organization who are responsible for programming and auditing these spreadsheets and I would like permission to send them copies of the compiled program for there review of it as compiled - is this possible?

On a somewhat related issue; how is customer service from XLS Padlock? I have been emailing the above questions with no response. Since the beginning, my work email address has for some reason been rejected by their mail system and initially I was able to get through with my personal email and receive responses. But I recently have not heard a response on these queries.

Thanks very much in advance for your time in responding.


  1. It’s possible that Auto_Open doesn’t work because we use Excel automation to open the workbook ourselves. But Workbook_Open() should work.
  2. Sure, you can send trial EXE files to your colleagues as long as you don’t distribute them publicy. They will bear a trial message at startup but they will still work.

It looks like we have got some recent email problems with the email on our website xlspadlock.com related to SPF check error. This has been fixed.

Thanks very much! That works!