Powerpoint Files

I have a couple of materials to deliver. They contain PDFs and Powerpoint slides. Please does HTMLEXEC allow the inclusion of Powerpoint slides among its contents? or if not possible to include a Powerpoint file, how best can I go around this issue?

It’s possible to Powerpoint files compiled inside the EXE.

You have to add a special target named _heopenit to your hyperlinks in HTML code:

<a target="_heopenit" href="mydocument.pptx">Open this PowerPoint document</a>

It is necessary to ensure the opening of “xls” files through an external application.
In the link, I specified the “target” attribute with the value “heopenit”.
When you open a link through the html executable in MS Excel, you receive an error:
“The file” hef3B07.xlslx "can not be opened, because the format or extension of this file is invalid.Check that the file is intact and its name extension matches its format."
How to solve it?

We’re preparing an update for HTMLEXE V4.9 to fix some issues like this.

In what time is the update expected and how do I download it?

In what time is the update expected and how do I download it?

It’s being tested for quality.
BTW could you check that you used _heopenit and not just heopenit because we tested Excel XLSX files internally and each test was successful.