Prevent loading old version when distributing a new one

If this is already answered, I apologise, but I can’t find any results when searching the forum.
I allow saving and loading in the compiled application, but when I distribute an updated version of my application, I would like to know if it is possible to prevent the initial prompt to load from previous saves, or at least ensure it only loads data from the currently compiled version.
The issue I currently have, is that all the changes I have made are immediately overwritten when the users open the new version and click “open last save”!
Many Thanks in advance, Paul

The solution is to use the new saving mode of XLS Padlock. Visit this page:

Thank you for the answer. May I confirm, that if I choose “Save full workbook”, all worksheets will be saved, including any objects on the sheets, but all VBA code and userforms etc will remain unsaved, and further to this, should I chose “Save defined cells”, then only the specific cells I select will be saved?
Many Thanks in Advance, Paul

I am trying to change the save mode so it only saves specific cells but as soon as I try to set it to a full column, or columns, XLSPadlock crashes - is their a limitation to the size of the ranges you can mark as saveable?

See the other topic.