Prevent loading the same EXE twice in parallel



I use all my EXE projects the feature: “Save changes automatically and load them without prompt next time”.

From time to time my end users complained that sometimes the EXE not saves there work, for me it was an enigma because after every significant sub or functionI I save the EXE file with VBA code (my projects is 100% pure VBA code).

Few days ago, one of my end users lost 8 hours of work because the EXE didn’t save what he did.

After hours of checking my VBA code without any luck, I noticed that, if end user opens the EXE file (lets call it instance1), and then opens the EXE again(lets call it instance2), he can work 8 hours on instance2 close it (without notice that instance1 was open all the time in parallel), and then if he saves instance1, all the work of instance2 will override.

My suggestion is a feature that “Prevent loading the same EXE twice in parallel”.

I know that in the XLS Padlock you have feature that prevent loading other instance of excel all together, but I cant use it because I cant prevent my end user from loading Excel whan thay use the my EXE file.

What do you think ?

thank you.


I had this issue in the past but solved it through a simple workaround.
Upon opening the xls padlock file it will check if a text file exists “FileOpen.txt”
If the file exists it warns the user to not proceed. And asks if they want to close the application. If they select “yes” it closes with out saving.

When the xls padlock file opens normally it writes the text file “FileOpen.txt”.
When the usere finishes normally - They need to select a close icon - then the “FileOpen.txt” is deleted.

Simple and has prevented overwriting.


Thank you !, but this kind of solutions I have plenty my suggestion is a check box feature that you can tik - “Prevent loading the same EXE twice in parallel”