Prevent printing to PDF


Is there a way to allow printing from within the pdf viewer, without allowing somebody to print to ‘Adobe PDF’ and make another pdf file?

I want to allow people to make paper copies, but not to make another pdf copy.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

That’s a good question. We added your request to the TODO list to see if it’s technically possible to forbid such printers.

Not sure if this could be done with ActiveX or not. You would have to determine if it is a physical printer vs a virtual printer right before each document that is to be printed, in case a new virtual printer is installed since the last use or session. If a virtual printer is detected as the selected printer, display a warning message that the document can’t be printed to the selected printer, please select a physical printer. You would have to detect the selected printer and not the default printer.

If it could be done with delphi, maybe a new possible option to allow or disallow printing to virtual printers inside HTML Exec.