Printing Problem in Trial-version [SOLVED]

Thank you very much - I appreciate your help.

I am using Excel 2007 and downloaded trail-version 32 bit for testing. Data entry works fine, but I cannot print anything. I did tick “Allow print operations”. Can you help please?

Johan Strydom

Do you get any message that prevents you from printing?
Did you save your project when closing XLS Padlock?

No, I don’t get any message. No print button is available.
Yes, I saved the project before closing.

I ticked both “Allow print operations” and “Disable all ribbons and toolbars” and could not print. In my second test, I did not tick “Disable all ribbons and toolbars” and was able to print. I would like to disable all ribbons and toolbars but still be able to print.

Maybe I am missing something.


“Disable all ribbons and toolbars” will remove all buttons and commands. To print, you can still use the CTRL+P shortcut.