PrintPDFFile function example

i’m trying to use the function PrintPDFFile but i can’t make it work, i’m not sure to understand how to setup the path.
can you give me an example of the PrintPDFFile function ?

thank you in advance,

Tristan Holemans

Do you want to use PrintPDFFile in PHP or Javascript?

Thank you for your reply.
In Php if possible but I ‘m also not sure to understand how I should input the Hescript function.

Thank you for your help.

You can begin with:

Add this to the UserMain script:

procedure ExportPDF;
PrintPDFFile("c:\my documents\mypdf.pdf");

Then, invoke that ExportPDF procedure from PHP with:

exo_runhescriptcom ( "UserMain.ExportPDF");

as explained here:

Thank for your reply,
i have error script when i input the hescript.

Try then:

procedure ExportPDF;
begin PrintPDFFile();