Printscreen + 2 displays

Good day!
Thanks for great software!

So I have a problem: I need simple protection form print screen (pdf file).

I have:

  • Users not allowed to resize window
  • Maximize to full screen
  • Disable print screen

If there is only one display - it’s ok!
But if two - we can click to the second display and make a print screen.

How to solve this?

I guess should be like this: on focus out - hide content.
(so when we click to the second display - content of viewer is hidden, so print screen will do nothing)

Is it possible to do with HEScript (onFocusOut)?

Thank you!

If I understand your idea, you want to hide PDF content if the window loses its focus? And show it again if the user activates the window again?

exactly! )

It will keep this idea for next release of HTMLEXE, if it’s possible to have something like that.