Problem uniting gsplit v1.0 exe archive


I have a very old two-part self-assembling gsplit archive created by v1.0 way back in 2001-ish that fails to self assemble. The parts are 488Mb (.exe) and 278Mb (.gsd) respectively. I’ve tried running the .exe on an old 64bit XP system, as well as using Gunite v2 and v3, all with no success. I don’t get any diagnostic output that I can see - the .exe spins for a while and then appears to exit. The event log has no useful information.

I know it’s a long-shot after so long but is there any advice on how to recover the data?

Thanks in advance!


Apologies - patience was all that was required. The application continued to run in the background and eventually popped up a dialogue. Files recovered 16 years after they were written, a testament to a great little bit of software. Please feel free to delete this thread.


Thank you for your feedback about GSplit!