Problem while opening local files

i started with exeoutput for php yesterday and it is almost working. I created pdf files (in the application with fpdf) to my local path next to the applications exe in c:\temp\document\offer but now i want to load this files stored there and i couldn’t get it working I tried:

$row_offer’id’] has the value “0000006.pdf”

<a href=‘heopenit://".$_SERVER’DOCUMENT_ROOT’].“document/offer/”.$row_offer’id’].".pdf’>test1

<a href=‘heopenit://".$_SERVER’DOCUMENT_ROOT’].“document\offer\”.$row_offer’id’].".pdf’>test2

<a href=’".$_SERVER’DOCUMENT_ROOT’].“document\offer\”.$row_offer’id’].".pdf’>test3

<a href=’".$_SERVER’DOCUMENT_ROOT’].“document/offer/”.$row_offer’id’].".pdf’>test4

i used chromium to compile.

It would be a create help to find a way to open my files
cu Mike

You’ll need to use the HEScript’s OpenFile command.
This is showed in the PDF sample available with source code at (the PDF is opened in the default reader after it is generated).

You can write an HEScript code with OpenFile to open the PDF file in the storage. The sample shows you how to use OpenFile: you can modify it to suit your needs.

This is working for newly created pdfs but I create the files and store them.
At any time later you can click on a link which should open these files from the storage and not create them again. So I need a way to open them with a link, as it is working if it’s running as a normal website.