Problem with built-in PDF viewer


The Front cover that did not display had been directly generated as a PDF file with Adobe PhotoShop. Instead of directly generating it as PDF file with PhotoShop, I first generated a JPG file that I converted next in PDF format by using Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. The Front cover page now correctly displays with the HtmlExe built-in PDF viewer.

I suggest that the HtmlExe development team should take a look at why PhotoShop-generated PDFs do no display with the built-in PDF viewer.



I am reporting about what looks like a bug, and I have a question:

(1) BUG in the built-in PDF viewer: I have built an HtmlExe project for a PDF eBook. The built-in PDF viewer fails to display the front cover page (a PDF page containing a picture). Is this a known bug?

I could successfully display the front cover page (and the rest of the file, as well) by invoking the Adobe PDF viewer instead of the built-in viewer with the statement:


which shows that the problem is not caused by the PDF file.

(2) QUESTION: Is there any way to invoke the built-in PDF viewer with no clicking as it can be done with the Adobe PDF viewer by using the PANEL statement given just above.

Thank you.

It’s possible that some PDF files do not render correctly because the PDF viewer engine cannot compete with Adobe Reader for instance. From the documentation (
The built-in PDF engine handles almost all PDF documents fine: PDF files created by popular printer drivers, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office or OpenOffice should be displayed and printed fine. However, PDF files created by imaging and advanced publishing tools may not be properly displayed. If this is the case, printing your PDF document using a printer driver such as PDF Creator may help.

You can send us your PDF files by email (or upload them to and provide the URL by PM) so we can forward them to the PDF viewer development team.