Problem with HE 3.6.5 to HE 4 conversion / Env. variables


Problem is solved. I discovered another place: Application Output->Icon/Version, that also contains project data.

Having two places in a project (i.e., Environment Options->Default Settings and Output->Icon/Version) that contain contradictory project data is a little bit confusing… Perhaps, having all these project data located in one and only one place would be preferable.

Thank you.


I have converted a project from HE 3.6.5 (trial version) to HE 4 (trial version). Apparently, conversion performed successfully. Today, after buying HE 4 (commercial edition) and registrering, I checked the project before production. The project deals with the distribution of an eBook. It provides a trial version in which access to parts of the eBook are locked.

I checked that locking properly works. Apparently it does since I got the error message “You have not the right to access the requested page: its is locked”. The message also provides an hyperlink under the reference: “contact the author of this program”.

I clicked on the hyperlink to check the displayed data, and got a pop-up window. Here is the place where the problem came out:

  • according to the message displayed there, I am still using the trial version wheras I have
    registered the HE 4 copy I am using,
  • the message also displays wrong email address and web homepage. Actually, the displayed data
    are the ones that I had declared in the initial HE 3.6.5 project and that have been kept unchanged
    in the converted project athough I manually changed them in Environment options->Default

Therefore, not only is HE 4 missing the fact that my copy is now registered but also the fact that I changed my personal data in Environment options->Default Settings.

I opened Application Behavior->Dialog Boxes and I looked into the HTML code “Error message” found there.

I can read in this code the reference to the script sending the pop-up window. I looked for this script throughout the user Interface but didn’t find it. It looks like, the environment data got hard-coded into this script whereas the script should instead read them in the Environment options->Default Settings encoding just before display.

My question is “How to get around this and have the correct HE edition, Author name and Web Homepage data displayed instead of wrong ones”?

Thank you.

The problem you mentioned is due to the use of the Trial edition. By default, the Trial edition inserts “Trial”-related texts in some fields like copyright, etc… Once you have activated your registered version, you can edit the fields to remove the trial references: in fact, the program does not do it automatically.