Problem with iSpring presentation

Hello I am using iSpring player to deliver Powerpoint presentations and here is the issue I have.

With “NoMultiThreading” check box off - my videos don’t work. With “NoMultiThreading” check box on - videos plays fine, but all text on the slide dissapears and other formatting, like powerpoint arrows, is not displaying properly. I am using HTMLEXE 4.6.1 on Windows 10. Please advice.

It looks like the issue is related to HTMLEXE not reading properly HTML5 slides with “NoMultiThreading” on.

So, I updated to the latest version 4.9.1 and mp4 plays with build-in server. But there is another issue - if video starts playing automatically, it reloads itself and starts from the beginning after about 2 seconds.

Does it occur only once or is it a loop?

Only once every time I select the slide. It only occurs if video on the slide is set to autoplay.

Maybe a refresh problem with the ISpring code that controls playback? You should contact iSpring team to see the reason why it would do that.

I have no problem with iSpring. Everyhing works fine in IE. Now I experience serious problem playing videos on my slides inside HTMLEXE. I use built-in server. Videos don’t respond well, slides freeze etc. No issues with slides with IE. Anything I can change in HTMLEXE setting to prevent problems with playing videos?

My settings

Remove DisableHTTPNegociateProtocol option on the screenshot above.
And reset the list in the Content FileTypes page.
How large are your video files? Contrary to IE, HTMLEXE must first unpack video files to memory unless you keep them external (and encrypted optionally).

Videos are not too big, maybe 1-5 minute each. But smaller files definitely open faster.

Keeping the data ouside of exe file did not really help to speedup the presentation.

I will try to compile the test presentation with videos only and will send you the link.

Sure, waiting for your link!