Problem with path to file (xls, xlms) once app is created

I have built an application that accesses several types of files from the main menu dashboard in HTML Executable. All types of files open with no error messages except Excel files (xls, xlsm, etc.) I get the following error messages:

"The Internet address ‘http://heserver/“filename”.xlsm’ is not valid. I click the OK button and the next error message appears:

Microsoft Excel cannot access the file ‘http://heserver/“filename”.xlsm’. There are several possible reasons for this:

  • the file name or path does not exist.
  • the file is being used by another program.
  • the workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook.

I click the OK Button in this message and the file opens.

If I select the SAVE option instead of the OPEN file option on the first pop up screen, the file saves correctly and then opens.

The error messages only appear if you select OPEN on the first pop up screen and it doesn’t happen with any other file types, but EXCEL.

Does someone have a solution?

To open Excel files compiled in an ebook made with HTML Executable, you should use the _heopenit target parameter, see explaination in the documentation:

_heopenit can be used for any document file like executable program files, text files, Microsoft Office® files, etc…

<a target="_heopenit" href="mydocument.docx">Open this Word document</a>