Problem with StoringPath setting in Directive file

I am using a Directive File to make changes to an existing project (referenced using ProjectTemplate). The StoringPath setting does not seem to be working correctly. (Paquet Builder 3.3)

This is my directive file:



When the compiled package runs, with a target folder of “c:\test”, the files from the Source are getting unpacked to “c:\test\mysource\files\1” instead of to “c:\test”.

If I compile the original package (which also points to a directory, using the Linked Directory option, and uses the “paths relative to the source folder”), the files are extracted using the correct path.

Also, the documentation says that value of 0 indicates to use the global setting “that you can also configure in the General section above”, but there is no StoringPath option listed in the General section documentation.

And finally, when I use the directive file, many settings are not being correctly pulled from the template project file. For example, the icon and signing settings are not being applied to the package.

In Main.Properties, you chose StoringPath=3 but you did not specify a SourceFolder parameter.
From help:

StoringPath: 3 uses the component’s source folder specified by SourceFolder.

So, you have to tell Paquet Builder which source folder you want to use. Otherwise, use another option.

It’s not called StoringPath but it’s similar:


StorePaths: defines whether Paquet Builder stores path information or
not. Be sure to specify the relative folder if necessary. Boolean

SubFolders: defines whether Paquet Builder should include sub-folders
when adding folders and wildcards. Boolean type.

This is strange, it worked in my test. Could you please post your full directive?

Thanks–I wasn’t reading that carefully enough and was interpreting it as “relative to the folder specified in the Source”. It’s working now that I’ve set the SourceFolder.

I still don’t understand how the StorePaths and SubFolders work. Where do I specify the “relative folder”? Is this referring to setting the SourceFolder for each component?

It was my fault that the icon and a few other settings weren’t showing up (I was pointing to a different template project than I thought). Maybe the signing operation just failed for some reason on one attempt, but it seems to be working since.

I updated the doc to clarify this.
Use the “Folder” directive to specify the relative folder.
StorePaths and SubFolders are global for all components, but they will be applied only if you set StoringPath to 0 in a component:

StoringPath: three possible values (0, 1 or 2) - 0 by default. Defines how path information should be stored for the files inside the component.

    0: uses global settings (that you can also configure in the General section above).

Thanks for the clarification.

PS I really like the directive files. It has greatly simplified the build process for me, since I have to create 6 slightly-different packages for each release.