Problem with the update html exe 2022

Hello. I have a problem with the update.
I paid 97.96 euros today for the HTMLEXE update, and the update is not activated.
I need a solution.

In my account say: Your maintenance expired on 2018-01-26 .

I await a prompt response. Thanks.

order MyCommerce: 810584063

As far as I can remember, you have to manually disactivate the old license, then insert the new one. Since your previous license has expired, you’re dealing with a new license altogether, although I think this might also be true for any license update.

When I switched from the old HTML-Exe to the newer one (back and forth) I had to manually disable the license and then re-register the product, each time. It’s a common operation and you can do it whenever you need to (no penalties).

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