Problems with command line interface

I am trying to create a batch file to extract from SalesForce and split the file into smaller chunks. I have created a .gsc file that does what I need with no issues.

When I use

“C:\Program Files (x86)\GSplit\GSplit.exe” “” -c-go-s-t-l “c:\contactfiles\contactsplit.gsc”

The GUI launches but it doesn’t load the .gsc file. If I manually load the .gsc file then I can split with no issues.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Try -b-i-s-t instead

I tried the above.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\GSplit\GSplit.exe” “” -b-i-s-t “c:\contactfiles\contactsplit.gsc”

It ended up loading the gui and just sat there. It didn’t load the correct profile that I had put on the command line. Any other suggestions?

Then first just try -c
And double-check the path to your GSC file and its format. If you open the GSC file with the GUI, does it open?

After trying different things, I got this to work
GSplit.exe ‘’ -c-go-t contactsplit.gsc

in the batch file I changed directory to the gsplit dir and copied the gsc file into the directory. Note that double quotes would not work, I had to use single quotes.

Strange but great that you got it working.