protect files error

hello everyone i’m new and i’m running into a problem, when i create a package it works perfectly, but if i then protect the package with the protect option, i open it and it gives an error, see pictures it works fine until I secure it see photos, what am I doing wrong?

First, ensure that the package has administrative rights to write to to the C:\Program Files folder.
Can you confirm that you configured the package to request them?

thx for quick support.yes, see picture admin rights, if I do without protect then the file works just fine, but as soon as I protect it or set a date until when it can do it, I get the error

i think the file format jar the problem is for encryption? when do other file and protect no problem
maybe a bug in software?

Could you try a smaller password? I suppose that it could be the reason? Or maybe due to the @ character.