Protection from Screen Grabbers

Dear colleagues from GDG,
you have created really great software! I hope I will become your Client soon :smile:

I have only one suggestion for future. Could you include option, protecting from screen grabbers (Camtasia, FastStone Capture etc). Because now any person can overcome the protection by simply recording the screen.

I believe this is the biggest area for improvement in future. What do you think?

Best regards,

We are working on a feature to watch running programs and close the ebook if a forbidden program is detected (running or launched). Thus, if Camtasia is run, the ebook will close automatically. You’ll be able to define which programs
should be watched, since there are so many different similar tools available on the market.

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Guys, it’s absolutely awesome!

Please be fast with launching this feature) When do you think you will launch it?

Thank you!

We hope it will be in next update.

Dear colleagues, from GDG,
do you have any news regarding protection from Screen Grabbers?

Have you launched it?

If not, when do you plan to do it?


It’s planned for next update.

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As well as windows built-in snipping tool.

We now have an option to prevent screen capture (in addition to screen capture tools detection).

When will it be released?

We’re working on the documentation and it will be released.

Dear colleagues,
great to see that you implemented protection from Screen Grabbers in 4.8 edition!

I have a question regarding list of software programs. Here you show that such a list exists:

How can I get it? If you already have a list of popular Screen Grabbers, could you share it please?

Thank you!

It is automatically created when you start a new project. For existing projects made with earlier versions, you can use the XML Tools feature to import the defforbidprog.xml file available in the HTML Executable folder. This file can be customized to add your other programs, there are so many different screen capture tools nowadays, feel free to share the ones you have.