Protection of my ebook: expire after 1 year

We have just recently purchased the Professional Edition of HTML Excecutable to compile our training programs but we’re unsure as to which route to take to secure our products.

We want our programs to only be good for 1 year from purchase. This can be set on the Global Protection tab by setting the global expiration date but using this option this would require us to send the client a new CD every year. Is there a way to set an expiration date using the Restricted Protection Tools so we could send the client a new key every year instead of generating a new CD every year?

Yes, with the Restricted Publication Tools, you can create different registered certificates that may be unlocked with registration keys. Even registered certificates can get an expiration feature as explained at

[quote]For other certificates, the evaluation period starts when the end user enters a key.
You can either create X-day trial periods or X-use ones. Just select the expiration mode you want using the list: “days” or “runs”.[/quote]
In your case, choose 365 days.