Pub Title is not displayed on the Title bar if the title tag is missing

If your index.htm or index.html file does NOT include a Title tag, then the Publication Title is not displayed on the Title Bar of your EXE. This is true even if you have information filled in to be displayed.

To reproduce this issue with an existing project that properly displays the information on the Tile Bar, edit the index.htm or index.html and comment out the title tag. Recompile the project and the Title Bar will only display the icon, if set.

This was tested with 4.71 and 4.71SP with the same results and each had just the index.htm at compile time.

Let me know if you have any questions.


It is for webbrowser publications, is it?

Yes, it is for the webbrowser publications. This was mainly for an FYI if you know what is expected.

Here is what I experienced

  1. If the HTML Title Tag is missing, the Title Bar is blank regardless of the project’s Window Caption, also see A, below.
  2. If the HTML Title Tag exists, the project file Window Caption overrides the Title Tag and is displayed.
  3. If the HTML Title Tag exists and you remove the Window Caption, the Window Caption defaults to "My Publication - %DOCTITLE%".

This is not a major deal, if you know what is needed to get your end results.

A. If you want the Title Bar blank at all times, remove the Title Tags from all your HTML files.
B. If you want a custom Title Bar, make sure the Title Tag exists in the index.html and the Window Caption is updated with your preferred text to be displayed.