Publish a flexslider with touch swipe function

Hello, thanks for this great software !

I tried to implement a simple slideshow with this module : who allow touch swipe.

I want my publication uses the swipe function. Everything works normaly in a IE browser. But when I compile it, the swipe function does not work correctly. When I swipe nothing happens… Strangely when I pinch to zoom, the slide move.
All others flexslider functions seems ok.

Is there a specific configuration for htmlexe renders correctly a gesture events ?

It runs on a DELL XPS ONE 27’’ with touchscreen, IE11 and windows8.

Thank you very much !

So there is a problem with one gesture only? Right now, we have no specific configuration nor code dedicated to gestures in HTMLEXE. Normally, this is handled by the webbrowser control directly.

Thanks for your reply.
It seems that flexslider plugin uses native touch (no drag & drop with mouse on the image). I do not know if this causes the issue. But I changed the slider plugin for Swiper ( and it solves my problem.
Thank you

Thank you for the follow-up.